Over eating in Lockdown.

Over eating in Lock down 🍝 As we are spending our time at home it is very tempting to be distracted by the fridge and what's for our next meal 🙈 Here are some tips to help you keep a regular eating schedule, not over eating, and enjoy planning & creating your meals in the kitchen.

1) Eat 3 main meals a day! Breakfast being something warm and grounding 🙏🏻

Make lunch your main meal/ this is where you can get creative and cook something more substantial as our digestive system has more energy to digest at this time of day due to the sun being at its highest point in the sky 🌞

Dinner eat something light, soup or some lightly cooked vegetables are a good idea. You will notice you aren’t feeling as hungry as you have already had your main meal of the day. Stay away from meats and heavier foods in the evenings. ❌ 2. Try not to snack. Snacking disrupts the digestive process as it is probably still working hard to digest our last meal. Try to stick to a regular eating schedule and eat every 4-5 hours🧀🥨

3. Chew your food thoroughly, the longer we chew our food, the easier it is to digest and the more we feel nourished and content. They say 20 chews per bite 😬 4. Plan your meals the day before, know what you would like to cook, making sure you have all of the ingredients. The more organised you are the more you will enjoy what your making and don’t have that temptation to snack👩🏼‍🍳

5. Eat warm nourishing foods ~ the digestive system will thank you. Eating cold salads, ice creams, smoothies are not going to make the digestive system feel good as cold foods put the digestive fire out. As we change into cooler months make sure your eating warm, comforting foods! 🍦

6. Enjoy being creative, try something new to make, take this time to experiment and try new things/ eat locally grown foods + produce / try to eat as organically as possible or soak your vegetables in apple cider vinegar and water for an hour 🥘🍜🍲🥑🍆🍅🥦

7. Enjoy your meal, sit down and feel grateful you have this time to sit with family and eat these beautiful meals together 🙏🏻🍝

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